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Save from 30-50% on steel buildings for business, home or farm use. Top quality building designs you can customize for your project built by the best local crews and providers in your area.

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By offering multiple available steel building brands and partners to your steel building request we guarantee you can get the lowest price available from all our teams and partners in 46 states.

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Deal with our local teams and steel building partners with the top rated brands in your state. We're here to serve you.

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Our suppliers provide only top quality buildings. Working with multiple brands we have the most designs to choose from and only work with the highest rated partners and brands in every state.

Garages, Barns, Workshops And Storage

The most common requested building types come in dozens of layouts from residential workshops to 10 acre self storage building construction with more design options and the best prices.

"Our relationship with local partners and builders near you mean we always have the largest design options and local teams to greet you. More options means the lowest price and what you really need."
- Devon Campbell, Overland, KS

Priced Right. More Building Choices. Local Teams.

Get a price quote now and the lowest prices in the industry on steel buildings for your company, farm or home. Top quality steel buildings for any use that can be built this week.

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Inventory in your state with the ability to deliver within 200 miles to your home job site or farm location.

Steel storage buildings for home, farm or business provide a secure place away from the elements for your expensive items and tools. Weather proof, electricity, insulation options and more make it ideal for many uses.

Strong long lasting steel for agricultural uses is a smart choice. Steel barns and farm buildings can be built in under a week and last for decades. Extra security and a warm secure space to work for very little cost.

Steel warehouses are one of the most economical ways to add additional square footage for your business or personal items. The ability to build structures of almost any size fast and for low cost make it smart for business owners.

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Common Customer Questions About Steel Buildings
Do I need a foundation for a steel building? At the very least, you will need concrete piers for the columns to sit upon. Most building crews will pour a full foundation, but if you are using the building on a farm or ranch and plan to have dirt, gravel, or sawdust floors, a pier system may be all you need. One option is to combine piers with a concrete footing around the perimeter of the building.
What foundation thickness do you recommend? Foundation thickness must be determined by a an engineer or your local building codes. For example, in the southern half of the U.S. tend to be 4 inches, while the thickness can exceed 8 inches in northern climates. Hot summers and cool winters tend to mean err on the side of caution and thicker lasts longer.
How long does it take to build a steel building? Due to each customer's specific needs, delivery time of the required sections can take as much as 6-8 weeks. Common designs may be ready to ship the same week. Build times vary due to size and type but can be as short as 1 week.
Thousands of Satisfied Customers
How over 15,000 people were able to build a new steel building for less in 2019.
Our customers have saved thousands by building steel buildings from the largest network and inventory by comparing prices side by side. See the low prices on steel buildings we offer now with a free quote and see what you will save.
"My quote from Edison Steel® surpassed my expectations. The detail was unlike anything I've ever seen. It was so easy, fit together perfectly and the trim package was super sharp."
Jon Davis, Raleigh, NC
"Our contractor and his crew were able to assemble our building in about 10 days. All of the components were accounted for and we were very pleased that there were no missing parts, even down to the smallest detail."
Tim Sendler, Gary, IN
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